What is your hunger level? Be honest

If you’ve ever watched Joe Rogan’s podcast, you’ll know that he has a specific way of asking questions. He’s not afraid to ask the tough ones and his guests are often left feeling slightly uncomfortable as a result. One question I think we can all relate to is “What is your hunger level?” In fact, I’m going to take it one step further and say that this might be one of my favorite questions because it really gets down to the nitty gritty of what matters in life- how much do you want something? How badly do you want it? Is there an intensity behind your desire for something?

You probably thought I was going to talk about physical hunger levels, satiaty hormones and what these different signals are telling your body. Not today!

I was having a conversation with a fellow coach and client this morning about leadership. She told me leaders need to be influencers and a question every leader should ask themselves is “How hungry are you, no really, when you wake up how inspired are you to go after the thing?” The thing being that reason you wake up in the morning to work hard and push yourself. How badly do you want that.

We spoke about being honest with yourself. On a scale of 1-10 and you respond with 2, that’s perfectly fine. We have plenty of room to work and growth can be made there. If you answer me with ten and we’re not where we need to be, there may be some shifting that needs to happen in your day to day. You may think you’re at a ten but in all reality we take a look at your day to day activity and you are at a 5.

At the end of the day leaders need to be a lot of things but I couldn’t agree more with her that being an influence is high on the priority list when I think of qualities for successful leaders. The people whom look up to you for leadership should want to embody the energy you are giving off. If you want to be a leader, it’s important that you are hungry for more. Not just hungry in what you’re looking to gain but how hungry are you to make the impact on others lives for the better? Are they inspired by your words and actions or are they simply tolerating them because of who you are, not what your offering. Ive learned this the hard way being in many leadership roles.

I fell into a leadership role without knowing it while working with personal trainers and developing them into the best they can be. What I found with myself and others is that we need to be hungry. Not the kind of hunger where we want more or we want something off the top shelf, no we need an internal hunger. A desire for success and growth without needing it because you know whats on the other side- being better not just for yourself but those close to you.

I started working with and developing personal trainers because business coaches told me to scale my business. I soon learned that just adding more people to your business for ones sake of ” growing” actually ended up hurting my bottom line. What really helped was learning from that situation and understanding that I needed to replace the want of a “scaled” business to a business full of individuals who embody the same reasons I personal train, the same reasons I wake up in the morning ready to train clients every day.

That is for the pure fact that the physical training done in the gym, is just the stepping stone to what we do as trainers. Ive said it before, we have the opportunity to push clients past what they ever imagined possible. We then get to witness that new found confidence and work ethic transfer into life outside of the gym. Thats what gets me out of bed every morning, that’s what I want to push personal trainers to work for. Yes money and making a living is important but that will come by being hungry for the impact you can make in someone’s life. That’s what I want to see, more hungry people who wake up everyday wanting to better themselves and those around them.

What is your hunger level? Be honest. It may not be where you want it to be. You may feel its at a 10 and you not where you want to be in your field. Thats okay! Take a step back and ask yourself what you need to do improve that area. No one can change it but you, so take hold of your hunger, push yourself to be an influence and be the leader you have always wanted to be. #GlickFit