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Tim 3 week out leg workout

For the last 4 weeks Tim has been progressing through pure straight sets working progressive overload  through volume mostly by increasing total sets. with some small jumps in weight here and there. I knew from days 21-7 out I wanted to increase the density of his workouts in which doing so I wanted to use a lot of the same movements we had been using prior but add some super sets / tempos and intensifiers.

On paper this may not look like a lot but in terms of  Tim’s specific recovery and adaptation paramiters this is aton. To say his career involves manual labor would be an understatement.  Due to the amount of work he does outside of the gym his overall systematic recovery and adaption levels are much lower then most, especially in such a dieted state being less then 3 weeks out.


Here is what we went with!

5 Rounds

A1: Heels Elevated Smith Front Squat Tempo: 30×0 Reps: 6-8 Rest: 60 seconds

A2: Pause Power Squat Machine Tempo: 31×0 Reps: 8-10 Rest: 120 seconds


B1: High Wide Sumo Pause Leg Press Tempo: 31×0 Sets:Reps: 12-15  Rest: 90-120 seconds


C1: Leg Extension

Sets 1&2: Tempo: 30×0 Reps: 20 Pushing to mechanical failure.

Sets 3&4: 5 second Iso Holds. By the 8 or 10 rep they should turn into forced reps going to mechanical failure. The last set 2 drop sets as well again going to mechanical failure.