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Play To Win, Not To Not Lose

The new year is coming and you have all of these “rah rah hype” people talking about resolutions and goals. Im all for making positive habitual change within your life, however the ones who are looking at this like ” this is the time for the change” are either trying to sell you something or typically are the ones who are saying the same thing every year right around this time. I am going to challenge you to change your thought process and not think about this time of the year as ” new year change” but more so making changes for yourself to better yourself. Changing your thought process around this could be the small switch up that you need to really get things rolling.

A “New Years resolution” isn’t going to stop you from making the “poor” decision when times get tough. You need to dig deeper than that and truly understand the why behind the want to change. Your brain is going to want to trick you into falling back into the previous routine because it feels safe there. Thats where a mindset change into “Playing to win, not to not lose.” can help you actually make progress but also realize that losses are inevitable however…

  1. You are buying into giving it your all
  2. Losses are not failures

The urge to stay in your comfort zone is strong. After spending so much time there, it becomes home – you’re used to the surroundings and the view isn’t bad. Why rock the boat? Taking risks means failure is possible – that’s not something anyone wants to deal with! However I challenge you to remember this.

“Were playing to win, not to not lose.”

You shifting into this mindset pushes you to start giving it your all, and understanding that you don’t need to make perfect decisions every time. This shift should open your eyes to the fact that you will make mistakes and those mistakes are necessary learning opportunities.

You are building your own story without the loss there’s no story at all. Those losses are not failures, they are just the opportunities to adjust the plan to set you up to achieve those goals or “resolutions”

So this year let’s change the way you think about change and “resolutions.” Remember you are in control of the choices you make. So play to win, not to not lose.

Also thank you to the Buffalo Bills for providing inspiration for this in their win over the New England Patriots. Go Bills. #GlickFit