When I started getting involved very seriously with weight training and bodybuilding, I made a trip to the Arnold Classic Expo in Columbus Ohio. It was roughly March of 2011 my senior year in college and first real experience with meeting sponsored athletes / professional competitors. The longest line by far was the Muscle Tech Booth and rightfully so as they had the biggest and best names in the industry working their booth. I remember meeting all the big names within the industry and speaking to them about a number of topics. At that point I was hooked I knew now one of my goals was not only be sponsored by a company but one of the leaders in the industry Muscle Tech.

As time progressed I would always open the magazines and see the ads or HydroxyCut or Nitro Tech and tell myself that if these guys could do this, there is no reason I can’t. I just kept putting my head down and working day in day out. My hard work had eventually started paying off when I was in New York City for a photo shoot to build some personal training marketing materials when Adam Silver (owner of Silver Models) contacted me wanting to grab dinner. At that point I signed a contract to be represented by him and one of our goals we established was become a sponsored athlete.

I was sitting on my deck in August of 2015 with my Fiancé between Am and PM training sessions when I got a call from Adam saying they were in discussions with Muscle Tech on a contract involving print, video and in person appearances. That week was probably the longest week of my life as I would constantly get calls back and forth with discussions on how the contract dispute was going. I finally got the call saying it was good to go and I would be flying to Toronto in 3 days for a photo shoot for HydroxyCut and Muscle Tech.

At that point is was history, I have worked regularly for them now and have been featured in many ads both in print, online and through different forms of social media. I have loved every minute of working with them as they support me and my goals!