The BEST Vital Sign you’re not looking at: HRV – Heart Rate Variability

When it comes to providing objective data about our own health and fitness, we are often our own worst enemies. With the need to constantly do more, sleep less, train more, eat less, push harder, work longer, get more done……we find ourselves thinking we’re invincible and impervious to the stressors we place on our bodies [...]

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Passion and Fear

Passion and Fear With the aroma of spring and cool breeze working its way through my open window, I sit at my desk working late at night as I usually do. Tonight’s lyrical inspiration happens to be Toad The Wet Sprocket as they play through my speakers. They have triggered memories back to the moment [...]

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Tim 3 week out leg workout

For the last 4 weeks Tim has been progressing through pure straight sets working progressive overload  through volume mostly by increasing total sets. with some small jumps in weight here and there. I knew from days 21-7 out I wanted to increase the density of his workouts in which doing so I wanted to use [...]

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Push Metabolite 3/24/17

Working through a metabolite training phase and trying some new things. Chest A1: Incline Smith Press Omni Rep/Grip 4 Sets: 4 Reps: 12 10 8 AMRAP Rest: 90-120 seconds Perform 12 reps with a bi-cromial grip ( just outside shoulders) and only go down 3/4 of the way. Really focus on the top shortened potion [...]

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I once again was listening to John Meadows speak and instantly felt the need for this post. He is one of those guys when he is speaking, you stop what you are doing and just listen. Whether it be on training, nutrition or life he is someone you stop what you are doing and pull [...]

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GlickFit WOD 10/27/16

#Glickfitwod 10/27/16 1)Four rounds Bench Press x 6-8 reps @ bodyweight Rest 45 seconds Plank from Elbows x 45-60 seconds Rest 45 seconds Ring Rows x 8-10 reps 1 second hold Rest 45 seconds 3 rounds Slight incline DB bench 10-12 Rest 60 seconds Supinated machine row 10-12 Rest 60 seconds 3 rounds Banded machine press [...]

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GlickFit WOD 10/13/16

10/13/16 Warm Up 3 rounds 5 pull up 10 sit up 15 pvc pass through 200 m row 1) Deadlift 3x5 @ roughly 75% 500lbs -New training cycle 4 weeks of dive start starting at 75% add 5-10lbs each week 2) 1 Arm Land Mine Row 5 X 3 Each arm 3) 6 rounds -6 [...]

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GlickFit WOD 10/12/16

GlickFitWOD 10/12/16 Off day from weights. Just conditioning Warm up 5 mins bike 3 rounds 10 sumo inch worm 15 air squat 20 pvc pass through 6 rounds 60-90 sec rest 1) 1/2 BW each arm farmers carry 30 yards down and back 2) 3/4 BW sled drag 20 yards 3) 3/4 BW Sled pull [...]

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GlickFit WOD 10/11/16

WOD 10/11/16 Warm Up 30 Goblet Squat 30 step up 30 leg extension 30 side to side lunge 1) Box Squat work up to heavy 3 X 3 then drop weight by 15% and do 3 X 6 2) Barbell Split Squat 5 X 10 3) Dead Stop Trap Bar Dead Quad Intent 4 X [...]

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GlickFit WOD 10/9/16

10/9/17 Warm up 3 rounds 15 air squats 15 sit up 20 pvc pass 10 cal row A bunch of scapular depression on lat pulldown 1)Seal row - work up to max effort set of 5 and then set of 3 -Increase weight by 5-10 lbs each week -Then drop weight to get 8-10 reps [...]

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