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Author: Kyle Glickman

Warm Up: 3 rounds 10 push ups 15 ring row 20 pvc pass through 250m row 1)Bench press 4x6 295 2 min rest -First week start at 75% of 1RM and increase by 5lbs each week 2)Flat DB press 120lb AMRAP -First week pick weight you fail between 12-15 reps.  Once you beat your previous rep count by 3 increase by 5 lbs. 3) 4 rounds 90 second rest -Flat DB press 10 -Waiter walk 25 yards down and back switch arms half way -Mountain Climber 30 4)Standing Alt DB Press 4x10 5)3 rounds -Cable fly 12 -Rear Delt DB fly 20 6)Band Pull Aparts rest pause 100