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5 Tips To Retain Personal Training Clients For Life.

When it comes to training, nothing is more important than your clients leaving the gym with a sense of accomplishment and pride. This means that you have done a good job at providing them with an effective workout plan that will help them achieve their goals in fitness. However, it doesn’t stop there because if they leave feeling accomplished then you need to keep them coming back for more in order to maintain what they have achieved. In this article, I’m going to give 5 tips on how to retain training clients for life!

1.        Be Proactive

If you wait for your clients to come back to you, they might not follow up at all, let alone return within the specified timeframe that they mentioned when making their appointment. Instead of worrying about how often your clients are coming in or what progress is being made, why not call him or her every so often to check in? I personally love weekly online check ins. This makes it so you can get feedback on whats happening outside of the gym as well on a routine basis.

This will not only show you care, but it also gives your client the opportunity to mention any concerns they might have. This way, you can work together to come up with a plan that best suits them. For example, if their goal was to lose weight then maybe they are struggling because their diet isn’t up to standard. By being proactive, you can not only save them from feeling frustrated but also provide your client with information and guidance on how they can reach their goals.

2.        Invite Your Clients to Special Events

While it’s important for you as a trainer to focus on the personal training aspect; ensuring that your clients are seeing results through your customized training plans, it’s also important to be a friend outside of the gym. Invite them out for lunch or dinner or even join you guys together at an event or function. This will not only strengthen your relationship with each other but also allow your clients to see you in a different light – they might even find out that you are REALLY FUNNY.

By showing them that you are more than just someone they see 3 times per week, they are less likely to cancel their membership because they don’t want to leave their friend behind. Plus who knows? Maybe if they have an upcoming vacation planned and are worried about maintaining their fitness level whilst away, then this is another opportunity for you to meet up so that you can help them with their plan.

3.       This one’s a bit controversial but hear me out: Have Clients Sign Contracts

Yes, I know that no-one likes to commit long term because it means they can’t just quit when they want to and you’re the one who ends up losing money. However if you look at this from another perspective then contracts can be very valuable for trainers who are just starting off in the business because it gives your potential clients peace of mind knowing that they won’t be wasting their money on something that isn’t right for them.

Furthermore, having a contract also makes it harder (although not impossible) for clients to cancel in between sessions and therefore reduces your risk of losing money or clients. It’s difficult to make clients sign contracts, but if you can manage it then you might see your retention percentage rise because by the time they are ready to cancel their membership they are quick to remind themselves that they signed a contract and are therefore obliged to pay until the end of their term.

4.       Make Clients Feel Part of a “Family”

You’re all part of this fitness family which also means that you should keep each other accountable for achieving goals – not just yourself! You can do this by encouraging them through social media or perhaps giving them monthly reports on how things are going so far. For instance send out an email with visual proof of weight loss (or weight gain), changes in body composition, measurements, and of course before and after photos. By sharing their progress with your other clients it will not only motivate them to do the same but show that your client, although part of a bigger picture, is also important in his or her own right.

5.    And Finally: If All Else Fails… Just Ask Them!

You might be assuming that your clients want to quit but you never know unless you ask. That’s why I’m urging you to get on the phone and find out what’s going on because by asking about their reasons for wanting to quit you can discover ways to help them stay committed (and reduce your client turnover!) For example you could discuss whether they are struggling with motivation or if goals have changed; this way you can give them more personalized attention and help ensure that their goals are in line with what they actually want.

And if the reason is simply due to some life event (such as moving overseas for work) then perhaps you could suggest a reduced package or fee until they are back on their feet again. Your clients will appreciate your willingness to be flexible, especially especially when times are tough, which is definitely something that’s not easy for most trainers to do!

So there it is – my 5 suggestions that I hope can help out anyone who might be struggling with client retention right now.  If you have any questions, comments, feedback or advice of your own please be sure to leave them below so we can keep this blog discussion going! Thanks #GlickFit