December 2021

The new year is coming and you have all of these "rah rah hype" people talking about resolutions and goals. Im all for making positive habitual change within your life, however the ones who are looking at this like " this is the time for the change" are either trying to sell you something or typically are the ones who are saying the same thing every year right around this time. I am going to challenge you to change your thought process and not think about this time of the

Do you want to become a personal trainer because you genuinely want to help others reach their goals or do you want to get into the field for how it makes you feel? Both motivations have their own benefits, but the latter can often lead to burnout and dissatisfaction. Personal Training and coaching clients because it makes you feel good about yourself isn't a bad idea. It just can lead to focusing on your own ego versus the progress, health and feelings of your clients. Chances are that you're reading this